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MTU is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of large diesel engines and complete propulsion systems. Together with MTU Onsite Energy, MTU is one of the leading brands of Rolls-Royce Power Systems.

Its product range is the widest and most modern in the sector. It covers diesel engines as well as complete propulsion systems for ships, for heavy agricultural, rail and military vehicles, and for the oil and gas industry.

During a history spanning more than 100 years, the Rolls-Royce Power Systems subsidiary MTU Friedrichshafen and its predecessors, including Maybach-Motorenbau GmbH in particular, have been responsible for repeated innovation and have continually been at the forefront of technological progress.

Drives with wide-ranging performance and applications

Available in numerous cylinder configurations, engine series bearing the MTU brand cover a wide performance spectrum ranging to 10,000 kW and are thus capable of powering numerous vehicles and genset systems.

For commercial applications such as ferries and workboats, yachts, rail and heavy vehicles, the top-selling products include Series 2000 (300 to 1,500 kW) and 4000 (700 to 3,500 kW) engines.

The units are powerful, economical, clean and rugged. One of the major technological features behind the huge success of these Series is the electronically controlled Common Rail injection system which was introduced on the Series 4000 making it the first diesel engine in its class to be fitted with Common Rail injection as standard.

The injection system was developed jointly with L’Orange GmbH, one of the leading manufacturers of injection systems for large diesel engines. The Series 2000 Common Rail for high-speed yachts, ferries and patrol boats is likewise the most modern in its class.

To cover the power range which falls below the output provided by a Series 2000 MTU offers the Series 1000 to 1600. This engine lineup is primarily designed for agriculture, rail and construction and industry sector applications. At the very top of the power range is the Series 8000 which has also set new standards in its class. Delivering 9,000 kW, the 20V 8000 is the most modern and technically innovative engine in its performance class.

In the defense sector, MTU’s Series 880 engines have secured its undisputed leadership position for many years. The new Series 890 units (400 to 1,100 kW), which were first introduced in 2003, were developed specifically for lightweight, armored vehicles capable of being transported by air and these engines have further underpinned the company’s predominance. For the same performance, these units are just half the size of other, comparable diesel engines.

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