Customer satisfaction is extremely important to all of us at New England DDA. We have a separate dedicated department that is proactive and responsible for communicating with our customers to understand their true level of satisfaction from all of our service offerings. Our process for compiling our data is to send a questionnaire with all service invoices and to call customers at random. Once we receive feedback from our customers, the information is communicated to all department managers for review and follow up if necessary. Any follow up needed is brought to the attention of the Company President for further review and, if necessary, any process improvements implemented. Additionally, we use this data to thank/communicate with those specific employees whose level of service and job performance was communicated to us by our customers.

We wish to share some of our recent customers comments with you:

  • “Your foreman did a great job, nice to work with him”
  • “Your organization is very professional”
  • “I just want you to know that your people in your service dept. were a big help and did a great job in getting our truck fixed and back on the road”
  • “Your staff was very courteous, helpful and informative”
  • “Great Job! Thanks for the prompt service”
  • “I run a fleet in Maine and your Portland shop does a great job!”
  • “Your service writer was very informative in the problems with our unit and the repair needed”
  • “Your service group was very helpful & represents your company very well; I wish I could deal with peolple like this every day!”
  • “Customer service & technical service were a great help to us”
  • “Completely satisfied, I had my vehicle back in less time than anticipated”
  • “Great group of guys in Portland, they are the best!”
  • “Great People, great job!”
  • “The RI facility is the Go to Shop!Friendly, fast and courteous”
  • “Can’t thank you guys enough, the staff was excellent, why would I go elsewhere”
  • “Your Maine shop went above and beyond in the repair of our bus”
  • “Keep up the good work, thanks guys”
  • “We have nothing to complain about, you are Tops!”
  • “Excellent as usual!”
  • “A-1 Service!”
  • “They took good care of me and worked hard to get me going as fast as they could”

Customers wishing to comment on their satisfaction with our services may do so online by indicating their account number or invoice number on the link attached.

Customers wishing to respond by mail or fax can do so by printing the appropriate Parts, Service or Sales questionnaire and returning it to us at 90 Bay State Rd., Wakefield, MA. 01880 or faxing it to 781-246-3099.

Customers wishing to call us may do so by calling Sue Gannon @ 781-287-7227. As Sue is responsible for this department, she or any department manager would be glad to hear from you.

To Our Valued Customers:

The continuous improvement of our customer satisfaction level is not only of great importance to us, but a “Core Company Value” which can only be monitored by our customer’s feedback. Accordingly, to help us achieve results in this area we ask for your continued feedback in the hope we can improve upon our processes and communication. In the end, it is not how we feel about the quality of our efforts but how you, our customer, feels about our true level of performance. We appreciate any time you can spend on this important part of our business.

Thank You,

Jeffrey P. Manning

customer satisfaction

Sue Gannon,

Call 781-246-1810


NEDDA Parts Department Customer Satisfaction Survey



NEDDA Service Department Customer Satisfaction Survey